Corporate/Professional Driver Safety

Lower your insurance costs. Raise your safety rating.

Our First Class Corporate Driver Safety Program is a quick, cost-effective and convenient way for companies to lower their driving insurance premiums and minimize the potential problems that occur every time your staff uses private or corporate vehicles on business trips, service calls and company-related errands..

Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles or a few corporate cars, your company incurs risks whenever business puts your employees on the road. It only takes one serious crash to send your insurance premiums skyrocketing and put your firm in danger of expensive and crippling lawsuits.

Our Corporate Driver Safety Course gives your employees the safety training needed to minimize the risks that occur whenever they take a corporate vehicle. Classes are fun, lively and interactive as they focus on basic and commercial safe-driving techniques.

We easily can customize your class schedule to minimize inconvenience or lost productivity for your staff. Talk to your insurance expert today about the benefits of minimizing driving risks.

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“The class benefitted my company in several ways. I worry less now about potential problems when my people are on the road and I enjoy the lower insurance premiums that came with having the staff certified. It’s also important to me personally that my people and their families are safe whenever they are behind the wheel.”

David Ginter
  • Did You Know?

    Teen drivers who enter the Teen Agree Program with their parents are half as likely to be in an automobile accident. Parents, contact us today about enrolling your teen driver in this life-saving program

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    Many adult and teen drivers prefer the convenience of scheduling private instruction or behind-the-wheel training to fit their busy lifestyle. Contact us today to fit your private education sessions to the rest of your life.

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