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Can't make it to the classroom? Take your driving safety course online for just $25, just click the link below and follow the registration instructions!

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In class or online, Driving Safety 101 is our answer to your needs.

Even though it really wasn’t your fault, or you didn’t realize you had done anything wrong, that traffic ticket is still damaging your driving record.

Fortunately, First Class Defensive Driving has a fun, fast and inexpensive way to scrub your driving record clean: Driving Safety 101. This fun-filled, one-day, six-hour class offers a humorous look at a serious subject. We use lively discussion, entertaining videos, and easy-to-remember keys to provide the information needed to successfully pass the driving safety test.

After completing our six-hour course for ticket dismissal, you will receive your certificate in seven to ten business days that you will provide to the court to have your ticket dismissed.

In addition, you’ll have a valuable certificate that could qualify you for substantial savings on your automobile insurance (10% for three years!). Most insurance carriers give special discounts for having successfully completing a driver safety course. Check with your insurance agent to see how much you’ll save with a First Class Defensive Driving certificate.

Students attending for insurance purposes only or professional certificate receive their certificate the same day!

Whether you need to remove a traffic citation or want to lower your insurance premiums, Driving Safety 101 is the ticket.

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